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We provide infrared spectroscopy measurements. We developed a method for the detection of aliphatic hydrocarbons in halogenated organic solvents with a detection requirement of 50 ppm.  The closed liquid cell with carbon / hydrogen detection points to approximately 3.4 microns. The low hydrocarbon content in the solvent provided minimal hydrocarbon content in process piping.

Infrared Difference

Infrared Difference

Infrared Reflectance Measurement 


Hemispherical infrared reflectance measurements provide indications for thermal characteristics and terrestrial infrared signature performance of coatings and materials design for infrared signature management and infrared camouflage.



Thermal Infrared Imagery

Thermal infrared imagery measurements assess the impacts of infrared signature techniques.

Decoy BLDG IR Side IR Only

Decoy BLDG IR Side IR Only

Infrared Measurement Applications for Industrial Processes

Thermal infrared measurements assess the performance of heating and cooling processes in industrial applications. 

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