We provide custom process equipment.  This includes chemical transfer/supply systems, specialty part degreasers, cryogenic, and high pressure piping systems.  The specialty part degreasers include aqueous, hydrocarbon, or halogenated organic solvent based.  We also offer drum washing, drum rinsing, and drum crushing.

Variable Temperature / Aircraft Transparencies Immersion


We engineered the design and construction of a variable temperature liquid tank for immersion of aircraft transparencies.  


The elevated temperatures allowed separation of laminates for reclamation.

Custom Variable Immersion

Custom Variable Immersion

Chemical Transfer / Supply System  (Hydrofluoric & Nitric Acid Supply)



We provided storage, transfer, and dispensing system for Goodrich Landing Gear.


Our systems accurately dispense 68% Nitric Acid (Left Tote) and 48% Hydrofluoric Acid (Right Tote) in support of Process Dip Tanks.  We use the HF system design in accordance with Hydrogen Fluoride Industry Practices Institute guidelines.


Our materials compatibility for the chemicals and the process components include PTFE-Lined Pipe for HF and 304L Stainless Steel for Nitric Acid.


We ensure increased safety by minimizing worker exposure in the transfer of the chemicals.

Actual Equipment

Actual Equipment

Solid Model Virtual Prototype

Solid Model Virtual Prototype

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